An amazing fact, it turns out, if a person wishes good night, then he falls asleep many times faster. Apparently, this wish acts on our subconscious in this way, it really calms and relaxes.

Words are one thing, but if you wish good night with image, then such a wish will be even more pleasant.

  • Goodnight!

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  • Have a fabulous night

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  • Good night

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  • When the evening comes to an end, the time comes when you need to say to each other: "Good night"!

    Sleep is a delicate matter. In order for a person to fall asleep quickly, silence and a minimum of light are needed. For example, even the light from a watch can disrupt sleep.

  • Goodnight! Kiss you!

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  • Good night!

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  • Beautiful night

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  • Our site contains not just pictures, with the help of them you can show your friends and relatives a sign of attention, wish them a sweet sleep, so that their night is good until the morning.

  • Good night! Rest and gain strength!

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  • Goodnight!

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  • Goodnight!

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  • Good night, pleasant, good and kind dreams!

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  • Good night! Get enough sleep and gain strength!

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  • Have a good and cozy night, gentle and kind dreams!

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  • Have a great night

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  • I wish you gentle dreams.

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  • I wish you wonderful dreams!

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  • Catch Beautiful Dreams!

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  • Pleasant dreams!

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  • Good night

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  • Good night

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  • Good night

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  • Good night

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  • Good night

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  • Good night Sweet dreams

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  • Good night

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  • Good night! The most pleasant dreams!

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Did you know that every person dreams every day? It's true, even if we wake up and don't remember anything, our subconscious still managed to visit somewhere there. The only exception are people with a severe mental disorder, they may not dream at all.

American scientists have their own conclusions regarding dreams. They conducted research with a group of 2,000 people and came to the conclusion that not everyone can remember their dreams. As it turned out, only more erudite people can remember the details of dreams.

We are all used to sleeping at night, but there are living organisms that do not sleep at night, but grow, we are talking about plants. The fact is that in the daytime, their main occupation is the exchange of photosynthesis, but at night they increase their growth. It can even be seen clearly, you just have to look closely.

It turns out that not all plants go to bed at night. The primrose flower begins to bloom only from six in the evening, in the dark, night butterflies are engaged in its pollination, and in the morning it closes its buds again and falls asleep.