"Unfortunately, Birthday is only once a year!" - this is how Crocodile Gena sang, but we are sure that everyone wants to sing this way, because Birthday is the most expensive and most desired holiday of the year.

On no other holiday, a person does not hear so many kind words addressed to him, as on the holiday of his birth.

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  • Happy Birthday

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  • Happy Birthday to You! May all dreams come true!

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  • Did you know that birthdays cannot be celebrated in advance? And the strength of your wishes increases many times if you address them exactly at the hour and minute when the person was born? Know that it is.

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  • On a birthday, there is a tradition to pull the ears for exactly as many years as it turns out. It turns out that this tradition is quite old, according to it, if you pull a personís ears on his birthday, they will grow, and the larger the ears, the longer the person will live.

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The more a person receives congratulations on this day, the happier he will become in the future.

Agree, not all people are real friends for you, who are listed as such in social networks, but still, they are worthy of attention. If you received a notification that someone has a birthday today, do not be lazy, send image from our website, it's so simple and absolutely free.

Blowing out the candles on the cake is the main tradition for a birthday. Do you think this is our Russian tradition? But no, she came to us from Germany. It is believed that if you make a wish on your birthday and blow out the candles, then it will come true, but absolutely everything needs to be blown out the first time.

The birthday holiday gives all people the opportunity to rethink life, understand what they have achieved this year and make new plans.

There is such a saying regarding the New Year - "as you meet the year, so you will spend it", and so, this statement also works regarding the birthday. Therefore, we advise you to celebrate every birthday, easily, brightly and cheerfully, for the benefit of the future.

Admit it, when the birthday comes, from the very morning we are in anticipation of who will congratulate us. Don't make others wait, be the first to congratulate, send birthday cards, bring joy, because it's so easy and simple.