"When it comes to a man's birthday, for some reason there is such an opinion that images for congratulations are not so necessary. But we want to dispute this, everyone needs pictures on their birthday, without exception, even they, strong, courageous and strong-willed men.

  • Happy bday! Always dance to the beat of your heart

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  • I congratulate you on your birthday! Happiness, peace, kindness.

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  • Happy birthday to a genuinely lovely guy and a perfect gentleman!

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  • Every man, as well as a woman, will be pleased when he is given signs of attention. Yes, this is not entirely possible to see and understand, but the thing is that men are more secretive inside, unlike women, they hide their emotions better.

  • Beautiful and happy birthday!

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  • Cheers! Happy birthday!

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  • Happy Jam Day!

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  • It is not customary for men to give flowers for their birthday, although on TV we can observe that some individuals are still given bouquets during official congratulations. But in everyday life, everything is different, so no images with flowers, this is not masculine.

  • Happy birthday to a beautiful man with all my heart!

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  • Happy birthday, man!

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  • Happy birthday, pretty guy!

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  • Happy birthday, wonderful guy!

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  • To a wonderful man Happy Birthday.

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  • On your Big Day I wish you lots of joy, fun, happiness

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  • Respect elevates every man/  Happy birthday!

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  • Happy birthday, dear man!

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  • Dear, happy birthday!

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  • Happy Birthday, handsome!

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  • Happy birthday :)

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  • I wish you good health, the grip is dexterous, strong

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  • Don't be sad and don't be upset. Be happy all the time. Happy birthday!

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  • May the riches remain with you. Happy birthday!

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  • I want you to be awesome and beautiful! Happy birthday!

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  • I wish you to be amazing and wondrous! Happy birthday!

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  • Happy birthday!

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  • Happy Birthday!

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  • Here's hoping your year ahead is filled with many exciting adventures!

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According to confirmed data, the largest male centenarian was a Japanese, he lived 120 years and 237 days.

As a woman is happy for her birthday with flowers, so a man is happy for his birthday with socks. These conclusions are based on the results of the survey, a large number of men said that it is a joy to receive socks as a gift for them. But even if you choose such a gift, then you will agree, like a bouquet of flowers, there should be a whole range of socks.

In our time, men began to give bouquets for their birthdays, but not flower bouquets, but edible ones. The composition usually includes sausage, cheese, cucumber, alcoholic beverage, etc. They also make bouquets of dried fish, of course, not one man can resist such a bouquet.

Shaving cosmetics take pride of place among popular gifts. After care balm or gel, a razor - every man accepts all this with joy, and most importantly, this is definitely not superfluous, it will definitely be used by him.

Today, almost every man is driving, which means that you can safely choose a birthday present from the automotive theme. A set of tools, as a more expensive option - a high-quality flavor, as a more modest version of a present.

When congratulating a man on his birthday, remember that men do not like very long wishes, too sentimental verses are also not suitable. In general, the most win-win option is congratulations with humor. By the way, on our site there are a lot of funny pictures for men.

According to statistics, toasts at men's birthdays are much shorter than at women's. Well, men do not like to listen for a long time, they always need to clearly, quickly and to the point.